Who are entitled to a Civic education?

Persons with a residence permit as a refugee or for a refugee-like reason,
i.e. persons who are covered by the Act (2010:197) on establishment measures for certain newly arrived immigrants and who live in one of the cooperating municipal districts are entitled to the social orientation offered by the centre.

In certain cases, you can phone to the centre yourself and apply for a social orientation. This applies when you have received a residence permit as a refugee or for refugee-like reasons, but have not been registered with the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

More newly arrived persons are entitled to civic education
From 1 May 2013, more newly arrived immigrants than before are entitled to a social orientation. New legislation says that the municipal authorities must offer social studies for newly arrived immigrants in addition to those those who are covered by the “Act on establishment measures for certain newly arrived immigrants”.

The new, enlarged target group includes:
Newly arrived immigrant relatives who are over 18 and under 65 years of age and have been registered as residents in a municipal district, provided that they are citizens of a country outside the EEC-region and Switzerland.

The following are not included:
• Those who are attending an upper secondary school (gymnasium)
• Labour-force immigrants.
• Visiting students and visiting scientists and their families.

The civic orientation course shall start as soon as possible after registration in the national population register. The obligation of the municipal authority to offer a social orientation ceases three years after the newly arrived person was first registered in the national population register as resident in a municipal district.

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