Information for you who will be taking part in civic orientation

We welcome you to take part in civic orientation, which is a course for you if you are new in Sweden and have or will have an establishment plan at the Swedish Public Employment Service. The course if also for those who are next-of-kin immigrants. The course will provide you with knowledge of how society works and what you need to do to gain entrance to the labour market and to social life.

Over the course of 60 hours, you will have the opportunity to gain a lot of new knowledge in your mother tongue, and you will also have the chance to discuss and ask questions. Among the subjects discussed are how to look for work, different ways of raising children and how to get medical care. There are always study visits in every course. If we cannot arrange lessons in your mother tongue, you will receive Civic orientation in Swedish with an interpreter.

These courses are for persons who live in one of the municipalities in the county of Stockholm except Nacka, which has its own course. Participants must often travel to their course by bus or train.

Normally, you will attend a course in civic orientation for four half-days a week for five weeks, but other schedules are possible.  You and your establishment officer at the Public Employment Service will agree on what suits your planning best.



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