Trade unions


A trade union is an organisation for people in a particular occupation. Trade unions make sure that places of employment follow laws and agreements, and they help their members obtain favourable working conditions. Most big places of employment have a number of trade union representatives.

Google on the word “fackförbund” to find the trade union for your occupation, or ask what trade unions are represented at your workplace.

It is strictly up to you whether you want to join a trade union. Membership involves a monthly fee. You may also be able to join as a student or unemployed person.

Collective bargaining agreements


A collective bargaining agreement is a written document between an employer and trade union. The agreement governs wages, working hours and other conditions of employment. Not all places of employment have collective bargaining agreements.

People who do not join trade unions enjoy the same protections as those who do. But members also receive assistance when negotiating for higher wages, as well as advice on what demands to make in terms of working conditions.



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