Finding a job

(Att hitta ett jobb)

There are different ways of finding a job. You can look for job openings in the newspapers or online, or you can contact businesses or someone you know. Many people get jobs thorough personal contacts. Employers advertise job openings on their websites and social media for example. Most jobseekers register with the Swedish Public Employment Service.

Swedish Public Employment Service


The task of the Swedish Public Employment Service is to make it easier for jobseekers to find a job and for employers to find employees. is a place were you can find job openings in a particular occupation or at individual businesses.

If you are looking for a job, you should register at the Employment Service. Most people register on their website. They have various support services and programmes to help you find a job.

The Employment Service can provide you with advice and information about training, looking for a job and starting your own business. They can also help you find trainee positions and short vocational training programmes.

Although you are responsible for finding a job, the Employment Service maintains contact with employers and will try to locate one that needs someone with your particular skills.

Learn more about validation at uhr:s webbsite.


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