Various types of employment

(Olika typer av anställning)

There are various kinds of employment. Permanent employment has no time limits. Hourly and temporary employment is subject to the needs of the employer. A substitute works as long as the regular employee is on leave.

Probationary employment lasts for up to six months. Both the employer and employee can use it as a trial period. The period of notice is two months for both parties.

Most positions are full-time – approximately 40 hours a week. Part-time positions are for 20 hours a week or another specified number of hours.

Find out more about various times of employment at the website of the Swedish Public Employment Service:

Undeclared work (Svartjobb)
Some employers offer jobs that are illegal. They don’t pay social security contributions or withhold taxes from your salary. You are not insured or entitled to compensation if you are involved in an accident on the job. Nor are you entitled to sickness allowance or pension premiums. You will have difficulty using such employment experience for reference purposes when applying for other jobs.


Good to keep in mind when accepting employment

  • Be sure to get a letter of employment (anställningsbevis) that states what the salary is and other benefits
  • Check that the working hours and overtime pay match what you agreed on
  • Ask to be given written salary notices and save them. The salary notice shows your salary and the taxes that the employer has withheld. If the employer has not paid tax, you may be obliged to pay the tax the employer should have paid.


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