Maintenance allowance

(Ekonomiskt stöd)

People who are unemployed can receive unemployment benefits (a-kassa). Unemployment benefits provide compensation to those who do not have a job. If you are not entitled to unemployment benefits, you can apply for financial support from the municipality, called a maintenance allowance.

Introductory allowance and establishment allowance

(Introduktionsersättning och etableringsersättning)

Newly arrived refugees who take part in the municipal introductory programme can obtain an introductory allowance. You must meet certain conditions, such as participating in Swedish instruction, civic orientation, training and other activities.

A new law concerning establishment programmes for newly arrived refugees goes into effect in 2010. The Swedish Public Employment Service is taking over responsibility for the programmes from the municipalities. As a result, refugees who receive residence permits after 1 November 2010 must contact the Employment Service to take part in Swedish for Immigrants, civic orientation, training and other activities. If you participate in those activities, you will be entitled to receive an establishment allowance from the Employment Service.



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