Secondary education certificates

(Utländska betyg från gymnasiet)

Swedish Council for Higher Education, UHR, will inspect your secondary school certificate and tell you what the certificate qualifies you for in Sweden.

UHR only inspects secondary school certificates. Getting a certificate inspected can take between six months and one year. Certificates from other countries may need to be translated.

If you graduated from upper secondary school in another country, you may qualify to attend a Swedish college or university. Most courses and programmes require knowledge of Swedish and/or English.

You can read more about what the UHR here.

Certificates or degrees from universities or university colleges

(Utländska betyg från högskola eller universitet)

Those who have finished a university or university college education in another country can have their certificate or degree inspected by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, UHR. A statement from UHR can be useful when you are applying for a job, so employers understand what your education corresponds to in Sweden.

Certificates or degrees from other countries may need to be translated.

You can read more about how UHR  inspects certificates and degrees on their website.

Translation of certificates and degrees

(Översättning av utländska betyg)

You need to have your certificates from your secondary education or your university education translated into Swedish or English in order to have them inspected by UHR. SOme languages do not need to be translated, find more information on their website about that. The translation must be done by an authorized translator.

You can contact a translator through an interpreting agency or the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. The translator must be authorised (approved by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency).

You can read more on Kammarkollegiets website.

The Swedish Public Employment Service may sometimes pay to have your certificates or degrees translated, mainly when a translation can give you a better chance at a job.

You can read more on their website: arbetsformedlingen.se. The information is available in several languages.






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