Finding a place to live

(Att hitta en bostad)

The population in the Stockholm region is constantly growing. Because the population is growing, it is getting harder to find housing in Stockholm. Especially young people, students and the recently arrived are often forced to sublet an apartment, getting it second hand.

You can put your name in the municipalities’ housing queues to get a place to live. However, the queues are long. On average, it usually takes at least eight years to get a place to live in the Stockholm area.

There are different ways of looking for a place to live. If you want to rent a place, find out who the landlord is and get in the housing queue. You can be in the queue either alone or with your partner.

Housing agencies

(Att hitta en bostad)

Some municipalities have their own local housing authority where you can apply to be on the waiting list for a flat lease. There are also accommodation agencies that have waiting lists for flat leases. You usually have to pay a fee to be on the waiting list at a housing agency.

You may have to be on the waiting list for several years to get a lease for a flat in Stockholm and other large cities. To get a lease of your own, you must often have a certain yearly income. Different housing companies have different requirements for how much your yearly income must be. If a couple apply for a lease together, they can add their yearly incomes together.

You can find links to local housing authorities on your municipality’s web site, and sometimes you can also find links to accommodation agencies.

Waiting lists in other municipalities

(Stå i bostadskö i annan kommun)

Most housing agencies will let you be on the waiting list even if you live in a different municipality. You can be on the waiting list in Stockholm or Umeå even if you live in Upplands Väsby or Valdemarsvik. But some housing agencies do not allow this.

Stockholm’s Housing Service

(Stockholms stads bostadsförmedling)

The Housing Service in Stockholm offers leases in the municipality of Stockholm and in many of the municipalities in the county of Stockholm. Their website has information about how to get on the waiting list for a lease, how much it costs, and how long you have to wait.

You can read more on the website: .  There is information in several languages.

Estate agents


Flats and houses are often sold through an estate agent. The agent takes a fee from the seller and makes sure everything about the sale is correct. The agent can answer questions about the state of the flat or house as well as legal and financial questions.



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