Civic orientation

Welcome to the civic education course; a course for you who have newly arrived in Sweden and who wish to learn more about Swedish history, democracy and the social system. This course i 100 hourse and will be given in your native language or another language that you know well. Most courses last for nine weeks, but there are also other alternatives such as evening courses during a semester in some languages. 

In this course, you will have the opportunity in discussions, lectures and practical exercises to reflect on your own experiences and on how you can become a part of the Swedish society.

The course is led by a course leader with a good knowledge and experience of pedagogics and the Swedish society, and who speaks your native language.

A big part of the course builds on dialogue and reflection. The basis of development and change in a democratic society is dialogue, but for a dialogue to take place, people must find a place where they can meet and discuss without fear. The course in social studies is such a place.

• What factors influence my health?

• How can I become involved in Swedish society?

• What are my responsibilities and rights in my new country?

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