Civic orientation


Läs samhällsorientering för en bra start i Sverige!

Study civic orientation for a great start in Sweden!

Civic orientation is a course for those who are new to Sweden. This course will provide you with more knowledge about, and a greater understanding of various aspects of Swedish society. The course is given in your mother tongue or in another language that you know well.

The course is led by a social communicator (samhällskommunikatör) who speaks the language of the course. In Stockholm County, the civic orientation course consists of 102 hours.

The course is available in different formats, but most participants take the course in the afternoons. This makes it possible to combine the course with simultaneously taking Swedish for Immigrants (Sfi) in the mornings. It’s also possible to study civic orientation in the mornings, and the course is also offered in some languages during the evening.

This course has lectures, discussions and practical exercises that will help you learn more about how you can participate in Swedish society. Civic orientation is based on dialogue and reflection. Dialogue is the basis for development and change in a democratic society. For there to be a dialogue, there must be a place where people can meet and discuss various matters free of any fear. The civic orientation course is such a place.

Regardless of where you live in Sweden, you have a right to study civic orientation if you belong to the target group. This website, however, contains information specific to the way the course in organized in Stockholm County. Read more via the tabs to the left about who is entitled to study civic orientation and what the procedure for registering in these courses.

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