Introduction and Health
Why you should attend this course
Authorities and Municipalites
You will learn about Swedish history, its culture and the social system
Work and Education
You will learn about your opportunities
Democracy and Participation
You will learn about democracy in practice
Family and living in Sweden
You will learn about the laws and regulations affecting the family and relationships
Evaluation and continuing learning

Filmen om samhällsorientering finns på 10 språk. Dessa språk är arabiska, engelska, persiska, ryska, somaliska, spanska, svenska, thailändska, tigrinja och turkiska. Du kan se alla filmerna på YouTube.

Civic orientation

This website is aimed at those who have recently arrived in Sweden and lives in Stockholm county. The Centre for civic orientation in Stockholm county, which is behind the website, organize courses about the Swedish society in native language. During the 80 hour long course, the participants will learn how the Swedish society works and about their rights and obligations.

Some of the information in the course is also available on this website, in Swedish, English, Arabic, Persian, Tigrinya and Somali. Select language by clicking on the language tabs at the top of the page. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

The Book about Sweden

Download the book “About Sweden”

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